We are actively teaching private lessons.

                                  Group classes will be announced at a later date.

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About Us

We are Michiana's largest most experienced dance studio with six professional in house dance instructors with 100 years of combined teaching experience. Training in both American and International dancing available.


Hours Monday - Thursday.........................................1:00 - 9:00 p.m.

          Friday  ............................................................1:00 - 8:00 p.m.





Variety Club:
A great Membership which includes a dancing program designed to quickly develop the average learner into a comfortable dancer. You will be confident with fast, medium and slow music, and a variety of dances.


Awards Club:
Our finest and most popular Membership which includes an advanced social dance program and enough dancing events to satisfy any appetite. An awards dancer has complete confidence, styling and expression on the floor, coping with any dance occasion with assurance.


A special Membership for those who have satisfied their thirst for learning and want to sit back and enjoy the social whirl of the club, which includes dance parties and group classes.


Private Lessons:
A single person or couple with one instructor working with you at your own speed. You will study a dance or dances of your choice. This type of lesson will be detailed with a focus on styling, technique and variations to assist you in becoming a confident dancer. Private lessons are the foundation of our teaching system and your teacher will become your advisor, dance confessor and good friend.


Group Classes:
A great supplement to your private instruction and we supply them in abundance. Any member can reduce their learning time by half through diligently attending class. They consist of a group of singles or couples with one instructor. One or two dances may be introduced with an emphasis on figures. This is your opportunity to practice with a variety of partners at the same level and that's the fun of it!


Club Nights (Practice Parties):
Developing confidence is one of the prime factors in your becoming a good dancer! Our party format is designed to get you dancing with a variety of partners, using all you have learned. Parties are the "fun" part of the learning process and supply the battle conditions that are essential to becoming an expert. Besides, they are a great place to meet the nicest people in town. Golf is enjoyed at Golf Clubs, Tennis at Tennis Clubs, Exercising at Health Clubs, and Dancing at our Club.


Dance Programs:
Dance programs consist of a Syllabus of Dancing. This is planned by your teacher based on your ability, the dances you want to do, the degree of expertise you desire, and the time you are able to devote to your learning.